My Story

What decisions have you made that tell your current story? One day we’re all going to tell a story about our lives. The decisions we make today will determine the story we’ll tell tomorrow. In the series, My Story, we’re going to learn to live a story worth telling.

September 2013

Essentials – part 5


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Pastor Oscar Dupuy revisits the essentials for taking care of your soul.

August 2013

I Decided to Go – part 4


Series Sermon: My StoryGod is gonna call you to go when it may be easier to stay.

I Decided to Stay – part 3


Series Sermon: My StoryGod will want you to stay the course than run the other way.

I Decided to Stop – part 2


Series Sermon: My Story

What do you need to stop? What does God want you to stop?

I Decided to Start – part 1


Series Sermon: My Story

What is the story that God wants you to tell?